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Nikita mathur

The art vitamin

​The Art Vitamin is a window to the artwork produced by me, Nikita Mathur. It is an online platform for a self-taught artist like me to showcase my passions and incorporate meaning. Through each piece, I aim to enrich one's perspective and invoke new thoughts, sensibilities and imagination.

It is not just a form of valuable possession, but also a craft that can enhance the interior spaces drastically, become a part of conversation.

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nikita mathur

Nikita Mathur is a graduate in Mass Communication (Advertising) and Interior Design. A self-taught artist with a drive to bring ideas to life, some of Nikita's interests lie in illustrations (especially for children's books), architecture, design, travel, scuba diving and observing nature. She has worked as an interior designer, visualiser for metal sculptures and multidisciplinary designer. She is currently working in a brand design firm as a Brand Strategist in Mumbai, India.


I find it interesting to merge various elements of real life with fantasy and surreal to create a new realm of possibility. My paintings portray my own experiences and what I admire the most in life and in nature, whilst still keeping it relatable. 


I have illustrated and visualised 5 books among the DinoStaury series for One With Earth while working at ABND, Branding Agency in Mumbai. 

Other works on commission include illustrations for a kindergarten book and a dive course in the Andamans for Reef Watch & Lacadives. 


The very essence of the creative is novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it.

​For me Art is an expression, the kind that has no definite rules.

​The more you look at art, the more you transpire. Each time you reveal a thought you gain a capability to stretch your imagination to the point of creating something out of it.